What EDM of charm

This site was created in order to get people interested in EDM

EDM(Electronic Dance Music) means Dance, Electronic, Music
It was Originally it was popular in Europe, them it became popular in the U.S. pushed by The music industry. EDM is not a type of music. Just like rock, jazz and hiphop, it has many subgenres. These include, House(contemporary dance music) Transformer(undulating melody features) Techno(electronic music) Dubstep(thick bass note) and Trap (a kind of wrap) Despite it's broad base, it's people dancing. A DJ is essential.

Limited popularity of EDM in Japan

There are various popular genres of music in Japan, but EDM has not been picke up by

Reason EDM is not popular in Japan.

EDM is a music that pumps people up and fits in well with the mirrorball. It's uplifting beat music. A lor of people enjoy listening to ballads or R&B, but this music is the opposite. It's lively and opens a new door to music. you can have fun! But several things are restricting the popularity of EDM in Japan. Due to crowded living and limited space, there are not a lot of clubs in Japan and they are also restricted by law. Also, due to easy access to music on the infernet, the DJ's demand has been reduced.

Try EDM - you'll like it.

It's the sound of your heurt beat.

We have sumples on thes site created by us for you to listen to.
They were composed on a computer via the audio interface to the synthesizer.
We were consciously trying to make music to excite and energise you.
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