•  What do you think about rust?
    T think rust is like winkles on people growing old.
    Wrinkles and rust ,these express history , nostalgia and warmth.
    Rust is evidence of time passing
    Look at these pictures , from the left;
    they are cool , mild , nostalgic
    But , people have different opinions...
    How do you feel about rust?

  • I feel Muroran's spirit is less powerful than before due to
    depopulation and aging of buildings.
    Muroran is a town that is living with rust.
    But rust is not necessarily a bad thing - it bring nostalgia.

  • We created this website to show various images of rust we colected ,
    and to introduce the charm of rust , and the atmosphere of this city.
    Rust is everywhere.
    It is Waiting for you to find it.
    Please look at our world of rust.